Links to people, places and institutions connected to Betty Stein Goldberg Glasser


A number of people, places and institutions are mentioned on Betty's site. This document contains links to those websites we are aware of. This is not intended to serve as a list of family, friends and institutions Betty was connected with, but instead merely as a links page so that the main document isn't cluttered with links.


Family members' websites

Jonathan Goldberg
Jeffrey Goldberg
Norbert Glasser
TÝmea Goldberg
Janet Smith
LÝvia Markˇczy
Myron Gutmann
Myrel Chernick
Howard Chernick
[others to be added]

Friends' websites

Mary McCaslin
[others to be added]

Organizations, other entities

[stuff will go here, living tradition, O string band, FMSNNJ, ECRS, etc]

technical credits

[, gimp, photoshop, repeat of Jon and Jeff]
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