What's it all about?

As is stated on the main page this is a family website with material covering family matters (baby photos for the relatives, etc), academic matters (academic papers, etc), essays on politics and network related things. There is a lot of content here (more tha 500 documents), but given its diversity it is unlikely that there is any individual who would be interest in more than a small portion of it.


  1. What's it all about?
  2. Contents
    You are reading that now.
  3. Your privacy
    What information is and isn't gathered about users and use of this web site.
  4. Accessibility
    Good design is accessible design.
  5. "Best viewed with ..."
    Good design is not browser specific.
  6. Technical matters, hosting
    What tools and services we use.
  7. Names and things
    Other domain names that belong to us, and clarification of those that don't, but might lead to confusion.
  8. Navigating
    This site is difficult to navigate. We are aware of the problem and are looking at ways to imporve this.
  9. Copyright info for goldmark
    Vague copyright information is in a separate document
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Your privacy

Only "standard" web-access logs are collected, as are collected on almost every website. These include the IP address of the connection, the time of the request, the page requested, the results of that request (was it successfully honored, how many bytes transfered, etc), how your browser chooses to identify itself, and any referrer information your browser chooses to provide. You can conceal any of that information (other than the page requested and the status of the request) by using an anonymizing proxy server if you wish.

If you visited a portion of the website that requires a username and password that username is also included in the logs.

Logs are not kept for more than a few weeks and for the most part are only broadly analyzed for rough statistics. However, they may be inspected closely to identify errors.

With the exception of well labelled (and experimental) pages, nothing here uses JavaScript, so there is no sniffing of email addresses through those well known JavaScript tricks.

With the possible exception of labelled testing areas, there is no cookie-tracking, either.

At this writing nothing on this site asks for your email address or any other information about you. If that changes, the information provided will only be used for the purposes indicated on the document that requests the information. Information will not be passed to others unless clearly indicated on the form requesting information.

Our privacy

Some areas of the website have restricted access, as we may use this to share information with far-flung family or others. If you personally know us, you would probably be granted access to those areas upon request. Just ask.

Don't spam us

We list email addresses here; that is not an invitation to spam. The principle maintainer of this site has some documents on fighting spam.


While there are a number of old documents on this site, and a number of PDF documents as well, this site uses clean, simple, standard HTML which should be clear and readable by any browser, including text only browsers. It would be nice to claim to have aimed for accessibility by design, but instead accessibility has been a side effect of using standards based structural mark-up with a focus on content, instead of attempting to manipulate decorations.

Most, but not all, of the HTML pages on this site would meet with Bobby approval, but given the number of documents on this site, we must refrain from declaring the site as meeting all approval requirements.

"Best viewed with"

Strong attempts have been made to stick to Internet standards in website design, which is the only proper way to do things.

Unfortunately, Netscape 4.7* implements style sheets extremely badly. I have attempted to accomodate for some of those problems, but on the whole, some things will look strange with many versions of netscape. Indeed, Netscape 4's dealing with style sheets is so terrible, that you are better off disabling it. (Actually, turning off JavaScript will do that for you.) Netscape 6 is much better. Additionally, Netscape 4.7* doesn't implement some common HTML entities which are used on this site.

Microsoft's Internet Explorer 5 does not appear to properly implement the <BUTTON> element of HTML4. Thus, I will need to rework my new navigation bar.

For those who like graphical browsers, my recommendation is Opera which since its inception has always been the browser that implements standards the best. Opera is available for Windows, Linux and Mac. While the goal is for standards complient pages which will work with any browsers, Opera is what I use most.

Only a few of the pages have been tested with Internet Explorer, more testing is done with lynx and Opera and Netscape 6. Occasional testing is done with things like Amaya.

Technical matters, hosting

Since this site's inception in the spring of 2000, it has been hosted by They have provided excellent service and have been very responsive to my support queries (even my silly ones). However I have recently (December 2001) learned that they do not always take proper action against customers whose sites are advertised by spam. I am currently discussing the matter with them, and may well have to move to another hosting company if remains overly friendly to spammers.

The webserver is Apache, and the OS is some version of Linux. I maintain a near mirror of the system at home and upload using rsync over Open SSH. Most of the documents are created using Emacs or VI. For reference to HTML and CSS standards, heavy use is made to The Web Design Group's HTML Help site. Most of the PDF files are produced using some version of TeX.

Names and things

This domain is Members of the Goldberg and Markóczy family have other domain names which redirect here (but may get content of their own someday). These include

Why so many?

Someone emailed me from an anonymous account asking "Why so many domain names for such a modest sight?" When I wrote back asking him why he asked, I got no answer. I am simply not convinced that six domain names is "so many" for a family of three individuals. If we've managed to occupy a name that you have a use for, please let us know specifically. While we would like to make use of these in the future, we also don't want to stand in the way of other people's use of the net.

Others that we are not

Nobody at is affiliated in any way with the following domains about which there could be some confusion

Others we manage

There are also (mostly experimental) sites that we also are someway involved in running. These include
Unofficial experimental site for the Plano Association for the Gifted and Talented
Unofficial mailing lists for Shepard Elementry School, Plano Texas


At present count there are more tha 550 documents on this site of type text/HTML, text/plain, or application/pdf. Some of those are redundent (just other views of things presented in other ways) and some are parts of mirrors of things elsewhere on the web, but basically there is lots of content on lots of diverse topics. We write lots of things.

It is difficult to navigate this site. I am looking at various ways to improve that. But because content of different sorts is added often, a simple navigation bar won't work. Please try to make use of the search facilities, and we will try to improve navigation.

I have begun (October 2002) using the HTML LINK element to improve navigation, if your browser supports it. It will take some time before a substantial portion of the documents here have these navigation elements.

From August 2003, I have begun to put a small navigtion bar at the top of pages. It will take time for this to be spread to most documents. Unfortunately there is a browser in wide use (IE5), which does not implement parts of the HTML4 standard (the <BUTTON> element), so I will have to redesign part of the navigation bar.

From July 2007, I have started to experiment with drop down menus on the navigation bar. Unfortunately Internet Explorer 5, 6 and 7 don't implement CSS according to standards, there may be some difficulty with this. I would like to acknowledge CSSPlay as the source for the tools used to make the drop down menus.


A generic copyright notice is in a separate document.

Sites near us

We are located in Riverside, California. Using GeoURL you can find sites near us geographically.

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