Betty Goldberg Glasser: 1929 - 2002

Betty Goldberg Glasser, nee Betty Stein died on May 22, 2002. A gathering was held for her at her house in Anaheim on May 26.

It was a perfect Spring day in Anaheim, warm but with a gentle breeze and clear skies. Her friends from "The Living Tradition" played music at the gathering. Friends and family gathered, mostly outside on the south east side of the house, where tables had been set up. All the people who've assisted, attended and have sent us kind words have helped show us and each other how Betty always managed to make good things happen around her. Thank you.

Words, comments, memories

Here are links to some of the comments that were presented at the gathering and sent to us. A poster board was placed on an easel with all the notes that had arrived by that time. Here is a selection of those that I (Jeffrey) have an electronic copy of.
Jonathan Goldberg's comments
This includes a biography.
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Renate's comments
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Rich Di Marco's comments


The gathering was, as Betty would have wanted, a musical event. Betty's friends in "The Living Tradition" and "The Occasional String Band" played music and sang, and other friends and family joined in with songs that she used to share a long (and not so long) time ago. Among the songs were Union maid/Red wing, The Strangest Dream, The Joys of Love (Plaisir d'amore), a Russian folk song Where is the Street?, If you miss the train I'm on (500 miles), I Never Shall Marry, The Hobo's Lullaby, By the Waters of Babylon. They also played some old-time instrumental music. At other times recorded music by her friend Mary McCaslin was playing.


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