Various spam related topics

Boycott MCI/WorldCom/UUNet
UUNet (sister company to MCI in the WorldCom family of companies) can be agonizingly slow in removing spam hosters from their networks. UUNet is in the best position to really hit known spammers where it hurts, but does so only selectively. The boycott describes a recent (and ongoing, Nov 2002) case.
Spammers forging addresses
Starting the first week of August, 2004 there is a massive spamming effort forging the domain. We, the owners of that domain are not at all happy about this.
mirrors of other spam related sites
Spammers like to attack anti-spam sites. Particularly they like to do so via "joe-jobs". That is, sending out spam advertising the site they are attacking, in the hopes that people will complain about the site advertising by spam to get the site shut down. I believe that it is important for various people to host mirrors of such threatened sites.
Toll free numbers advertised by spammers
This is a chance to reverse some of the charges on business that advertise by spam. Please read the notes in that directory first before doing anything obnoxious with the information.
A hilarious "discussion" with a spam friendly ISP
Stupid Spam Subjects
This is a list of Stupid Spam Subject lines as collected by P. Sears from postings on the newsgroup

Warning: Some of these contain profanity of the worst sort.

Warning not to spam addresses listed at this site
Non-spam email related things

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