Lívia Markóczy Papers and essays

This is not a complete list. Only a small portion of papers and essays are available here. Many are drafts; some are drafts of papers that subsequently have been published, in which case please refer to the published versions. Titles listed here may also be tentative titles. I may not always get around to fixing titles here when titles change in the papers.

Brief overview of my research directions
Roots of Procedural Fairness
Virtues of Omission: Distinguished two types of OCB
Anxiety, confidence and risk taking
Trust and social intelligence
Consensus formation during strategic change
Draft of what has appeared in Strategic Management Journal
Multiple motives for cooperative behavior
This draft of a paper which has (May, 2003) been conditionally accepted for publication in International Journal of Human Resource Management. It contains my over arching approach to cooperation. This almost outlines a long research program.
Signalling and the 2nd Russian Bank failure
Why did quality signals that work in the West fail so miserably in Russia?
Why cultural differences are over-rated
Essay (which appeared in Across the Board on why cultural difference are overrated both among practicing managers and management scholars.
From demography to cognitive measurements
Presentation in an Academy of Management symposium. Critical of using so-called demographic variables as a proxy for how people think.
Fairness and Altruism during the California Energy crisis
Draft of a paper reporting on my 2001 study of electricity conservation.
Reviews (and essays) about Nigel Nicholson's Executive Instinct
Academic international career
Presentation at workshop for PhD students of the International division of the Academy of Management
National Culture and Strategic Change in belief formation
Draft of paper published in Journal of International Business arguing that nationality plays a far lesser role than the area of strategic interest with in an organization in determining how one adapts to change.
Measuring cognition is not exotic
Presentation in symposium of the Academy of Management.
PhD Thesis
Complex Rhetoric and Simple Games
A debunking of who chaos and complexity rhetoric gets used in the management literature. Published in Emergence
Review essay of Ridley's "Origins of Virtues"
A review essay, pushing for evolutionary psychology and a biological approach to human behavior. Published in Managerial and Decision Economics.
Time travel, mind control and other everyday phenomena required for cooperation
A quirky sort of paper discussing the "what if everyone thought that way" rational for cooperation.
Management, Organization and Human Nature
Special issue of Managerial Decision Making. Site includes table of contents, abstracts and the editorial introduction.

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