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Note: We (Tímea's parents) can't imagine that these pages would be of interest to anyone other than family and close friends. (Although once we get some of her drawings scanned in that might change. However, if you are not interested in seeing what to anyone other than relatives and close friends are "just someone's baby photos" then you should probably stop here.

This is very obviously under construction. These pages will contain information by and about Tímea Markóczy Goldberg, the youngest member of the Markóczy - Goldberg family.

At the moment, all that is here are some galleries of family snap-shots. But once we get a scanner, we will try to scan in some of Tímea's drawings. Unless otherwise noted, the photo gallaries are listed by the date they were made.

Below is a list of files and directories here. Follow what might seem interesting. That listing will change as things are added into the current directory.

At the flamingo park and Mead open farm
Pony ride, dancing at Farmer's market, and with Grandpa
Drawing, washing the car
Carving pumpkin, drawing on patio
Yet more ponies. And a picnic with friends at the Irvine Regional Park
December, 2001. A vist to the Aquarium of the Pacific, a friend and Disney's California Adventure.
April 2004. Dog sledding in Alaska
Selected pictures from Spring, 2005

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