Businesses we recommend for or against

Have you ever had a nasty experience with a plumber lying to you about when they will come, or have an air conditioner repair company try to sell you an expensive repair that you didn't need? Alternatively, have you ever had particularly good service? Of course you have experienced both. And in each case, you may have thought that you wanted to publicize the fact. Well, that is what we are doing here. In fact, I, Jeffrey Goldberg, am writing this text while I am waiting (for the forth time) for an exterminator to come to the house. The scheduled time was for between 10 and 12; it is now 2:15. (Arrived 2:20.) The full story on that will be available below.

Various voices This site is for the Goldberg-Markoczy family and so much of the text is written using "we". But most of the text is written by one person, Jeffrey Goldberg and so some text will be written in the first person, "I".

The things listed here are typically local to the area containing Riverside, California, much of this is not of immediate interest to many of the people who find their way to this site. Also, what gets listed and what doesn't may depend more on the mood and time to write at the moment, and does not typically represent strength of the recommendations. Indeed, I've been planning to do this for a while, but only now got around to it.

Those we recommend against

Exterminetics. Exterminators
The quality of their actual extermination seems good as far as I can tell (with one notable exception), and the servicemen I meet seem helpful and professional. But I should never have had to spend (so far) four days at home to actually get the job done. Also, being put on hold of up to six minutes isn't fun either. Read the full story (so far).
KLM/Northwest Airlines.
Every family has some horror story involving lies, deceipt and pure ineptness by airlines. I'm sure that many such stories are worse than ours. But here is ours. What is notable about this, however, is that NWA/KLM have managed to avoid any press coverage whatsoever of the strike that precipitated the whole thing.

Those we recommend for

There are plenty of businesses we are happy with and would like to recommend. But at the moment, we are concentrating on getting things added to the other list.

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