Jeffrey Paul Goldberg home page (will be here)

This is very obviously under construction. This is the future home of the main entry point for all my documents.

I am delighted to work for Agile Web Solutions supporting 1Password, which is by far the best password management system for the Mac, iPhone and iPad. And now there is a Beta release of 1Password for Windows. My views and opinions that I state here and on my blogs should be no reflecton on the wonderful (and completely sane) people at Agile Web Solutions. My rants are my own.

For my recent thoughts on a range of matters, please see my JPG Rants blog,, currently hosted by blog spot. I will probably move it to at some point.

For another blog, specifically on religious and related matters, see Liver of a blaspheming Jew.

A brief (and out of date) biography along with links to contact information is available. But I still have just barely begun to move and reorganize things from my old site at Cranfield University. Still see my contact page for the most information about where my information is.

The new "Family site" is and there is a partial mirror of what I had at Cranfield (with lots of broken links). For the time being, a useful page is my contact page.

Things I have here

My résumé (PDF)
I am moving into a new career, seeking to be a high school math teacher. This résumé is for my job hunt in teaching.
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Contact information
How to reach me, and how to reach others instead of me if I am the wrong person to get in touch with.
Autobiographical sketch
With information about other people who I am not, but could be mistaken for (particularly other people named "Jeff Goldberg").
My blogs
It is currently hosted off-site, but will move once I finally decide among, MovableType, WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal.
Various net rants
From stupid email disclaimers to the futility of web stats, I have strong opinions about lots of things.
Various political rants
From a call for a revised voting system (using the Condorcet method) to why the left in the US should embrace school vouchers.
Copy of what I had when I worked at Cranfield.
I am slowly integrating that content into the new site design, but I still leave that stuff there. It will have many many broken links.
my PGP public key.
If you don't know what that means, then I promise you that that document is not for you.
Various papers and articles.
These are mostly academic papers
fighting spam
From a list of toll free numbers of spammers to some very funny records of an exchange with a spam friendly ISP. And more.
Businesses we recommend for and against
Various experiences, mostly with local services such as air-conditioning repairmen who try to sell unneeded repairs to exterminators who you have to sit at home for several times. Eventually, positive recommendations will be listed as well.

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