How to Contact Jeffrey Goldberg

I am not the New Yorker journalist. There is another Jeffrey Goldberg who is a staff writer for the New Yorker. He and I are separate people. His writing is extremely well researched, informed and executed. My political musings are nothing more than musings. I do not wish to exploit or diminish his credibility through a possible confusion due to our common name. Also, I do not have a contact address for him.

My primary address is and that is the address if you wish to reach me in particular. That is also a good contact address for corrections and comments on most of the material on

If you are interested in giving me a job (or just curious) a PDF copy of my CV.

To see if you are getting in touch with the right "Jeff Goldberg" (it is an all too common name) see my which Jeff Goldberg document which contains a short bio, and information about some of my namesakes.

Electronic personal addresses

The domain name, is for the Goldberg and Markóczy family, and I will be using addresses here for as a constant place, irrespective of job or affiliation, where I can be reached. My primary email address is although that may be configured to forward elsewhere at any given time.

Warning: The listing of email addresses here is not an invitation to spam.

I have copied my ancient web pages at to,, but I have not cleaned up links or updated that. So much will be missing. is almost certainly defunct by now, or belongs to someone else.

I have been working to reestablish some web content. Start at /

Physical postal addresses

From June 28, 2005 onwardI can be reached by post at
Jeffrey Goldberg
1909 Edgewater Dr
Plano, TX 75075

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