Do not send spam

Several email addresses of members of the Markóczy and Goldberg family are listed on this website. Listing our email address here or elsewhere should not be considered an invitation to add those addresses to any bulk mailing list.

We will take action against spammers

Every bit of spam that at least one of us gets is acted upon. In the past we have gotten innumerable spammer accounts closed, websites shut down, toll-free numbers of spammers publicly listed, and some ISPs have changed their policies in response to our action. We don't like paying for spammers advertising, and will do what we can to make the spammers pay full cost.

I also have some other, limited, anti-spam information at my anti-spam set of pages.

This notice is unnecessary

Even without this notice, the publication of our email addresses would not be an invitation to send us bulk email.

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For other entities

Those who fail to understand the message above, might follow this link for addresses.