How to contact Lívia Markóczy

Alternative spellings of the name are Livia Markoczy and Lívia Markóczy. For this page to be found by search engines, I need to list all variants that people might use.

Electronic addresses


Please note that the listing of email addresses here is not an invitation to spam.

My personal home page, but still has a lot of work related material

Physical postal addresses

My new work address (From July, 2005) is

Lívia Markóczy
Rm 4.206, School of Management
University at Texas, Dallas
PO Box 830688, SM43
Richardson TX 75083-0688
Phone: 1 (972) 883-4828

My expiring (June 2005) work postal address was

Lívia Markóczy
Anderson Graduate School of Management
University of California, Riverside
Riverside, CA, 92521-0203

You may download my VCard, which can be read and processed by most address book software.

PGP Keys

My preferred PGP key is 1024D/E0FB6498 (68B2 C784 358D EB05 D29A DECF 2A9A F5DE E0FB 6498). But please note that I am not set up to use it everywhere I read mail. So sending me encrypted email may delay my reading it. (My old key, 1024R/D33F61C5, is something I'm having compatibility difficulties with.)

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